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  • How To Create Typographic Picture Face

    See Largest Image
    Step 1
    1. Create draw texture of face with outline from picture face
    in this tutorial caused I'm very familiar with Adobe Flash, so I create outline texture from Adobe Flash. But if you familiar with others application like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, FreeHand or Autocad you can draw with these program.
    Step 2
    Create drawing all line of face with difference gradation of shadow and light from picture
    Step 3
    After all texture outline was created, then export your drawing to EPS file extension
    1. Click File > Export Image
    2. Save Image as EPS extension
    3. Click button Save
    Step 4
    Open CorelDraw application, import your EPS file into project work area
    1. Click File > Import
    Step 5
    1. Create text as you want with Text Tool
    2. Set the position to texture block
    3. Here I use Impact font type with size 12 point

    Step 6
    1. Select text
    2. Change Interactive Blend Tool icon to Interactive Envelope Tool
    3. Select Interactive Envelope Tool
    Step 7
    1. Move one by one of vector corner from default Interactive Envelope Tool to texture corner and make sure to snap in object corner
    2. For easy snap in object corner, you can delete part of side vector envelope by press keyboard DEL
    Step 8
    1. Use and move cursor arrow corner line navigation to set corner in side text
    Step 9
    1. Create all shape text one by one and placed in to shape texture of face
    Step 10
    1. If all text was created, finish project by export file as PSD extension (Photoshop)
    Step 11
    1. Type File Name
    2. Save as type PSD extension (Adobe Photoshop)
    3. Use compression type as Uncompress
    4. Then click Export button
    Step 12
    In this window setting convert to Bitmap, use this value of circle then click OK button
    Step 13
    Open your PSD file was created from CorelDraw with Adobe Photoshop

    1. Copy Image Layer with duplicate command. Select  Image Layer > right click > then select Duplicate Image
    2. Result layer from duplicating
    Step 14
    1. Click select Typographic Layer
    2. Click use toolbar Magic Wand Tool
    3. Use set value of Magic Wand Tool to Tolerance = 0 and Checklist Anti Alias
    4. Then click work area Typographic Layer, you can click in work area number 4
    Step 15
    1. Click select Image Copy Layer and erase part picture was selected with Magic Wand Tool, erase by press keyboard DEL
    use shortcut keyboard [CTRL+D] to deselect magic wand process
    Step 16
    1. The last step in this tutorial, create new layer by press shortcut keyboard [CTRL+SHIFT+N] to create new layer. With the Paint Bucket Tool you can drop brown color as background of Typographic Layer. And as you want to create variation background with Layer > Layer Style > Effects Gradient Overlay.

    Hopefully Useful!
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    This Article Dedicated to My Students 
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    azwan mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    boleh mintak kamu ajar kan saya... pleas

    azwan mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Boleh mintak kamu ajar kan saya... pleas.

    murphyanto mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    mantab bung klo bisa satu aplikasi aj bisa ga?misal corell aja..atw potoshop aja gitu.klo ter lalu inport /export gambar jadi mumed.hehehehe

    Anonim mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It's really awesome!

    Ninequadrat mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    makasih atas saran nya, memang ideal nya 1 project menggunakan 1 program. tapi biasanya masing2 program punya kelebihan dan kekurangan sendiri bagi user. misal nya andai saya membuat setting di Macromedia Flash mungkin 2jam jauh lebih cepat bila saya membuat nya di CorelDraw.
    mudah2an selanjut nya bisa buat 1 project dan 1 program..

    Ninequadrat mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Yes, this themes i make it self, probably I change my themes on event or something special like this present. Tomorrow is independece day for my country, so I make this blog with red and white as Indonesia flag and heroes photograph.


    Adie Alwi mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Mantaaaappppp teruslah berbagi....salam

    batangpadi mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Nice post, great share...
    Setelah nyoba tutorial ini, ternyata benar! Gak ada yang kelewatan sedikitpun.
    Big Thanks sobat :)

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