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  • How to create Shine Effects animation, film and video like this movie

    You can create this Effects with Adobe After Effects, but I'm familiar with old version from Adobe After Effects version 6.5. The basic Shine Effects I' will be so easily and quickly I create it in Adobe After Effects 6.5. But don't worry you can still use this tutorial too in Adobe After Effects CS Version.


    Step 1
    First u create new composition by clicking Composition Menu > New Composition. Then change Composition Settings like picture below in red rectangle.
    preset : PAL D1/DV, 720 x 576. pixel aspect ratio : D1/DV PAL (1.07) 4:3 and create duration for video 10 sec.
    Step 2
    Then appear video area in Adobe After Effects 6.5 work area, default color video is black color, this is composition.
    Step 3
    Click and use Text Toolbar to create text. Type sample text below "After Effects Shine FX".
    Step 4
    Still selected the text, then use menu Edit to Duplicate this text layer.
    Step 5
    1. Open Tab Tool Effects and Presets.
    2. Then type name effects is "shine".
    3. Drag shine effects to timeline layer (number 4).
    Step 6
    1. Then window effects settings is appearing. Use like this picture to create volume the shine, example ray length 7.0, Boost Light 4.0 and choose the Colorize mode None.
    2. And change layer mode in timeline from Normal to Add Mode.
    Step 7
    1. This shine will be animate, then click to activate animation icon Source Point.
    2. Drag move Source Point from center to left point, see picture below.
    Step 8
    1. Move timeline guide from first position (0sec) to second position (10sec).
    2. Then move again the Source Point from left position to the right position.
    Step 9
    1. Then was finish creating Shine Effects with Adobe After Effects, for test video play with Tab Tool Time Controls.
    2. Then export movie by render setting. Click menu Composition > Add To Render Queue, then use best setting from video as Render "DV Settings" and Output Module "Microsoft DV PAL 48kHz.

    If you can't find Shine Effects in your Adobe After Effects, you can download this plugins then install and follow the installation instruction or you can also download this tutorial project file.
    For the best result, you can create 3D Animation with After Effects sample video like this.

    Hopefully Useful!

    This Article Dedicated to My Students
    Graphic Design and Animation Class

    Excellent Program, D a a r  E l  Q o l a m - B a n t e n


    Amateur Person mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Nice tutor...

    Kincirangin Production mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    weeeeee.. warna baru ni skrg.. mantraaap :)

    Rumah Siput mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    postingannya lengkap..jd ngarti ^^

    abusyafath mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    mantab neh postingannya

    myone1way mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    buhsyet gan, lengkap buanget tutornya, bikinnya lembur nih ?

    ananda mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    wah saya juga suka make ni effect tp sayang krn kompinya masih lemot klo kabanyakan effect render jd suka lama

    Ninequadrat mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    @ananda ya saya doakan mudah2an kompi nya bisa cepat di upgrade, biar "ananda notes" nya makin tambah keren:D amin :)

    Oemar mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    great tutorial

    mantab tutornya... keren sob.
    walaupun ga ngerti dan ga bisa praktekin...
    keren aja liat videonya. kayak di tv2 gto. hehe

    dh tingkat dewa nih pastinya.

    sukses slalu sob :D

    raja listrik mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design


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