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    The Barcode wizard in CorelDRAW lets you add bar codes to drawings. A bar code is a group of bars, spaces, and sometimes numbers that is designed to be scanned and read into computer memory. Bar codes are most commonly used to identify merchandise, inventory, and documents.

    The Barcode wizard guides you through the process of inserting a bar code. If you need additional information at any step, you can consult the Help in the Barcode wizard.

    To insert a bar code  

    1.   Click Edit  Insert Barcode.
    2.   Follow the instructions in the Barcode wizard.

    You can restrict how objects are drawn and edited by using a constrain key while you draw. For example, you can press a constrain key to constrain a rectangle to a square, an ellipse to a circle, or a straight line to a perfectly horizontal or vertical line. By default, the application uses the Ctrl key to constrain the shape or angle of objects, and the Shift key to draw shapes outward from their center of origin. However, you can change the default constrain key to Shift at any time.

    You can use a control key to draw or rotate an object, or the nodes and control handles of an object, at a preset increment. This increment is known as the constrain angle. By default, the constrain angle is 15 degrees, but you can change it to suit your needs.

    Constrain a shape to equal width and height  While holding down Ctrl, draw diagonally. 
    Use a preset increment (the constrain angle) to draw or rotate an object  While holding down Ctrl, move the pointer to draw or rotate the object. 

    A rectangle is constrained to a square, an ellipse to a circle, and a polygon to a shape with sides of equal length.
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