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  • How to create Adobe Photoshop Style Grid Brush for background images, simply and easily you can create this background with Download Adobe Photoshop Additional Brush Presets.

    Step 1
    First Download Additional Brush Presets Adobe Photoshop then Extract WinZIP File Adobe Brush Presets.abr
    Step 2
    Make surely Adobe Photoshop Program is closed. Then Copy Grid Brush files to directory Program Files Adobe Photoshop, then Paste into presets brush folder.
    for example Windows XP located : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Brushes
    Step 3
    Then open Adobe Photoshop program and click Brush Tool, then load custom option additional brush presets (click number 1 to 4)
    Step 4
    1. When appearing dialog window replace current brushes from grid-brush, Click Append. Now you have more new additional presets brushes from default presets brushes. For testing grid brush, choose the grid brush number 959.
    2. Then create new file and click mouse in your new file, for the results such as in picture below. GOOD LUCK :)

    Adobe Photoshop Style Grid Brush Presets

    Hopefully Useful!


    Nirwana mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    perfect ...!! I like all the articles posted here are all about design. continue and keep the spirit of creativity

    blogshots mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    nice post bro... aku bookmark dulu diblogku ach...

    randy oktaran mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    waduh pengen belajar tutorial photoshop ternyata dsini lengkap yahh

    Belajar bahasa inggris mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    Inspiring me a lot. Thanks. By d way, I like your design.

    adrian mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    waw..menarik nih sob..thanks ya dah sharing..jgn lupa jga komen balik di blogku ya

    mastokkenari mengatakan... Creative Multimedia Design

    tutorial sangat bagus nih sob...mksih postingnya... makin sukses ya....

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